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ETA was founded forty years ago for the design and manufacture of electric switchboards and for the management of any kind of industrial plants, following over time the technological development and the plants’ needs. During this period ETA has proposed innovative solutions that still place the company at the forefront in the automation, control and managing design, of any kind of industrial plant. In order to satisfy the customers’ needs and for perfect integration between automation and mechanics, it was designed and produced a variety of machines that can be placed in new or integrated into existing plants. The characteristics of the machines are the undisputed and consolidated mechanical robustness and the simple and complete control related to the automation. The old logic of automation that was following the mechanical part has been revised, now mechanical design and automation are performed and built by a single company fully responding at the overall performance of the machine itself.

Milling machines


Machines designed for the mechanical reduction of different types of product through the passage between rolls, suitable to perform from coarse milling to proper milling or pulverization.

Used for the reduction of foodstuffs, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

It is widely used in coffee grinding.






Static Machines for separation

Ideal for the separation of light material with a high weight-surface ratio.

Various types of machines are manufactured, with built-in sieve and with recirculated air, furthermore the different sizes of machines allow to define the most accurate size for the process. The machines have been studied and designed to be friendly use and, at the same time, to have the possibility to adjust speed and prevalence suitable for the type of treated product. 

Suitable for selection and cleaning of grain, seeds, plastics, mixed and shredded materials, shredded and destined for recovery waste, recovery of very fine particles coming from special processes.



Rotating Machines for separation with horizontal axis

These machines are divided on the basis of their operating principle:


Separation Machines by impact

These machines provide a treatment of the product inside the machine itself, before the separation. The material, before being sieved, is subject to an intense impact action generated by the rotor blades.

This generates the separation of the elastic from the hardest parts, the external perforated casing then provides for the sieve of the fractioned particles.

The machine is suitable in the treatment of materials that must be reduced and thereafter sieved. Ideal for: maize, materials which require a post treatment and waste, of which is intended to split parts with different recovery value.



Separation Machines by friction



These machines are intended essentially for the dry-cleaning of various materials for the removal or recovery of eventual external parts which enfold the product in treatment. This type of machine is ideal for the cleaning of cereals, legumes, plastic material, and any kind of process that provides a light removal, without damaging the product, from the outer surface.





Separation Machines by size

by rotary axis

The rotary axis machine allows a quick and accurate sieving of large quantities of product. It is possible, according to the perforated sheet dimension, to sieve and select various type of products.

Machine customizations are possible and it is possible to realize it in carbon steel or stainless steel (va
rious types according to the treated product).

This machine can be combined with a flow rate meter that, interfaced with an inverter, can adjust the rotation speed of the machine and obtain a perfect sieving.

The placement of this machine is ideal, before any process line, to have the absolute certainty that the size of the product is within certain limits and that any part that might cause problems to the lines to be immediately rejected.

Suitable for any technological process and any kind of material selection, such as: cereals, legumes, plastics, process waste to be recovered and still others.




The machine consists of a vibrating sieve that obtains the selection through a series of various size of perforated sheets.

The sieving process (not intensive) does not “mishandle” the material and does not ruin its form and sizes.

The machine is “easy use” and it is possible to adjust its geometrical features, according to the material to be treated.

Ideal to select small-sized materials, for delicate products with complex forms.


Separation Machines by specific weight, fluid-bed

To improve the gravimetric separation, these machines use a fluid-bed of air.

This allows the product to float and, at the same time, to aspirate the very light product parts.

The machines have nets and sieves customizations, that allow the utilization in various kind of industries.

These machines allow the single separation and the splitting of various parts with different specific weight.

Ideal for the selection of raw materials or finished products.


Machines for yields improvement and for the extraction of all the noble product adherent to marginal parts

Are machines that allow, through an energetic form of friction, the separation of residual parts related to the product surface to be treated.

This operation allows to recover eventual noble products still attached to material parts with lower commercial value. According to the material type, it is possible to use machines with vertical or horizontal axis.

The machines with vertical axis combine the friction with the vibration function, which avoids the clogging of the sieving veils. Even in this case, it is possible to build machines in different materials, carbon steel, stainless steel or various alloys required by the customer. 

The machines can be customized and included in a control loop that allows the maximum efficiency of the system.

Ideal for the treatment of any type of flour, dairy industries and treatment of industrial and recovery waste.




Conveyance Machines

Designed and manufactured in order to a complete development of the process.

The flow rate and all the parameters are managed by a micro PLC, or by a central supervisor, this saves energy and restricts the blocking problems of the lines.

Flow rate, misalignment, rotation speed, product level and any parameters required by the customer, will be managed and integrated for optimal operation of the machine.

The construction materials can be either carbon steel or stainless steel (according to customer needs).

Also the various machines components (such as buckets, belts, chains or guides) are customized according to the customer’s needs and to the products to be conveyed.

These machines are ideal for handling bulk materials, those machines have a very limited energy consumption,  which can be still further reduced managing them with an “smart” control.




Control Machines (weighers and moisture sensors)

Machines designed for the treatment of powder or granular materials.

Are automatic machines, managed by a PLC or by dedicated boards, realized for the yield control of plants and for measuring and adjusting the process flow rates.

This whole range of machines can be interfaced via Profibus or Profinet communication to the plant general control room.

These machines are manufactured in various models and sizes:



Tubular Scales

Ensure a process without material deposit, particularly suitable for the treatment of food, can operate without mechanics change, as control machine or flow rate regulator, also available with ATEX certification.







Double hopper electronic scales

This type of scales, allow to reach high production rate with reduced dimensions, used in plants where space economy is fundamental.

The weighing operation is carried out in isolated environment, this allows to reach high levels of precision.

Available as control machines or flow rate regulators, also with ATEX certification.




Flow dosing units

Electro-pneumatic machines, based on proven impact measurement system of product on an inclined plane, the inlet electro-pneumatically controlled gate, allows to keep constant the product access to the process.

Suitable for granular materials, is also available with ATEX certification.






Moisture meters


These machines can be equipped with microwave or capacitive sensors, inserted in the process circuit, can measure the flow rate, humidity and temperature of the product.

Being connected to an automatic dampening system, through an internal calculation algorithm, the machines are able to dispense the required quantity of water to bring the product from actual moisture to the one predetermined for the optimization of the industrial process. This is possible automatically modifying their parameters in function of the humidity of the inlet material.




Bagging Machines

Machines realized for open mouth bagging of granular and powder products, pellet, feeding stuffs and more. Customizable according to customer’s needs and to the type of sack.





The filters are machines mainly used for two different purposes; to recover the “noble” product in the various aspiration points and to reduce the emissions of dust into the atmosphere.

There are two different types of filters: low pressure and high pressure.

Low pressure filters are essentially used in cases in which you want to recover the product without pollution risks due to oil or polluted substances coming from compressed air. The washing air of these filters comes from “oil-free” special compressors, rotary lobe or vane compressors. The energy consumption of these machines is very limited, allowing a very high filtration capacity. 

The high-pressure filters have a very limited constructional complexity and they are mainly used for the removal of dust without their recovery.

Like all machines manufactured by ETA, they can be customized with specific materials and components on the basis of  customer’s request. The management and the control in the process can be completely controlled by PLC on site or from remote.

The customization of the filters includes the type of sleeve:

  • Various material weight, according to the type of product and to crossing speed.
  • Various types of external and internal surface treatment according to the filtered product.
  • Antistatic
  • Quick release.

They also can be constructed in various materials such as, carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the required characteristics. These machines can be configured with discharge hopper, or sweeper. Can also function as cyclon-filter.




Vibrating Extractors


ETA provides to the customer a wide range of vibrating  dischargers, realized in carbon steel or stainless steel.

These electromechanical machines, in various sizes and forms, are manufactured for the high capacity extraction of difficult flowing bulk materials that require storage in silos. The sliding gate placed under the discharger mouth, allows to adjust the flow rate in an automatic or remote manner. Thanks to their high yield, reliability and easy maintenance, the vibrating discharges are the best alternative to extraction systems such as: screw conveyors, scraper belts or drawer extractors.




ETA is also able to realize and construct a wide range of accessories, in carbon steel or stainless steel, to complete any system requirement: electro-pneumatic diverters, electro-pneumatic or manual sliding gates, cyclones, horizontal decanters, or any other carpentry item according to customer’s specifications.




Workshop machines

ETA also realizes a series of workshop machines for the milling rolls maintenance:


Grinding and corrugating (fluting) Machine

Numerical control four axes machine, completely manufactured in electrowelded sheet.

This machine is equipped with grinding device for smooth rolls and fluting head for the corrugation of rolls.

Essential in industrial plants, where it is intended to internally recover the exhausts milling cylinders, restoring their surface cylindricity and the corrugation.




Sandblasting Machine 

Fully automatic and controlled by PLC, this machine provides for the restoring, through sandblasting, of the roughness on the surface of those cylinders placed at the end of the milling line. The machine can be equipped with an independent air compressor and automatic recovery of the powders, allowing almost nil emissions into the atmosphere.




Tool sharpening Machine

Complete with electro welded sheet basement and diamond grinder, necessary for the sharpening of carbide tools.








Switchboards and Plant Automation

The company is able to design and realize any type of industrial plant automation, providing the software, the production of PLC boards, motor boards, phase modifiers and power boards. It is operationally set up to take on duty the functional customer’s requirements.

Through a joint activity of designers and analysts, the requirements are turned into specific and detail project.

ETA skills reach the definition of testing documents on site and commissioning of the system.

The experience acquired in different fields, with an efficient engineering office, makes ETA a reliable and trustworthy partner on a wide range of project case studies, design and construction of hardware / software solutions for the industrial market.

ETA also supplies control hardware and industrial and civil electrical equipment.






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