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Lime Kilns

The project for the construction of two DSS kilns (double shaft with a rectangular cross section with the gas circulating in co-current with capacity 300 t / day) and 2 Hydration plants (10 T / h) was started in October of 2014.

The supply, as a whole, has focused 5 PLC Switchboards, 5 MCC Switchboards (non-extractable) and 5 supervision stations for the control room. In the months from August to November 2015 commenced the commissioning activities of the first kiln, the first plant of hydration and the common section.

With the support of the local staff have been installed the supervision stations, completed the network cables for communication between the PLC and MCC Switchboards of the various sections and between the PLC of the various sections.

The electrical and mechanical inspections of the equipment have been performed on field, and then it is proceeded with the cold and the hot startup.

In the following months the tuning of the plants are continued to ensure the contract performance and in the month of May 2016 the second hydration system has been commissioned.

Actually are working 4 sections of 5 and remain to perform the activities for the 2nd kiln for which has not yet  been defined the scheduling time.