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ETA was born forty year ago as outsourcing company of a group specialized in mill plant and related machines. His focus was concentrated on specialized control and automation solutions for the mill’s requirements. The natural evolution of ETA was to expand the interested field out of original area. Following this trend ETA realized solutions of automation, control and switchboards for different area and projects. This technologic improvement allow ETA, in the meantime of automation evolution, to propose a his own brand of Industrial Machines.

Business Areas

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Eta Automation designs and builds gas analysis systems, engineered for the specific plant, ensuring maximum compatibility insertion of both new and existing systems. It is always ensured full compliance with the applicable regulations.

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ETA provides bodies and lances for burners for turbines. Over time it has specialized in: Oil Lances with or without integrated cooling and flow rate regulation system. Burners bodies with single or double combustion with single or double electrode ignition.

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Automation and Electric Systems

The ETA Automation department is operationally prepared to take on charge the functional requirement of the customer and through a joint designers’ and analysts’ activity, are turned into specific detail. The steps of development, in-house testing and release, are performed ensuring high quality indexes, traceability and performance.

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Industrial Machines

ETA manufactures and supplies, both directly at client and trough the major producers of installations and accessories, an extensive numbers of machines for the industrial sector.


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(Italiano) Fornitura tracciatura tubazioni di impianto per turbina GT

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Sunday May 22nd, 2016 No Comments

CEMS Analysis Cabinet

The project of CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) analysis Cabinet with FTIR spectroscopy technology (Fourier Transform Infrared) intended for the exhaust gas emissions control at chimney, coming from an incinerator of urban solid waste, began in the month of February 2016. The supply, realized with the support of specialized staff, was composed of: installation of […]

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Lime Kilns

The project for the construction of two DSS kilns (double shaft with a rectangular cross section with the gas circulating in co-current with capacity 300 t / day) and 2 Hydration plants (10 T / h) was started in October of 2014. The supply, as a whole, has focused 5 PLC Switchboards, 5 MCC Switchboards […]